Harness the power of the Square.

I was looking for a private exchange system.  This is wildly better!"
Broker, Southern CA
I still can't get my mind around the unbelievable value this is.  I am very, very pleased"
Broker, NV

 So what is an I-Square?

I-Square is the smarter, more effective way to interact with consumers within today’s high speed, tech oriented society.

There is a whole lot of business out there.  However, it can be hard to get at, because the way people communicate and interact has changed.  Impersonal, tech-oriented communication has created an enormous communication gap between consumers and insurance professionals.   It is crushing business growth.

I-square bridges this communication gap.  It secures business growth because it has been ideally designed for this generation.  Its pragmatic, interactive format, prompts and emboldens clients to interact.  It is the starting point for dialog that ultimately leads to a sale.  Click a link below to fully understand the "power of the square".