Harness the power of the Square.

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I was looking for a private exchange system.  This is wildly better!"
Broker, Southern CA
I still can't get my mind around the unbelievable value this is.  I am very, very pleased"
Broker, NV

What is I-Square?

I-Square addresses a staggering truth that businesses are increasingly becoming aware of:

The website is obsolete.       

The idea of consumers browsing a website and dutifully sorting through mounds of reading material is a thing of the past.  Consumers simply do not utilize the internet that way anymore.  The internet is now an I-phone accessible, point and click, touch screen environment.  Consumers expect immediate interaction, and lighting fast results.  The website is no longer the ideal platform for business interaction via the internet.  If you are relying solely on your website to generate new business, you are losing business.

So what's a business to do?  We'll show you.  Click a link below to fully understand the "power of the square".