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What if each prospect visiting your site could view more than common, impersonal, generic information?  What if when visiting your site, each prospect could view content that specifically spoke to their exact real estate goals and circumstance? 

Preposterous?  Impossible?  Actually, no.  With I-Square, this outrageous, game changing capability, is breathtakingly simple.   Real estate agents all over the country are utilizing it now.  While competitor websites are displaying static, generic information, I-Square sites are displaying the type of timely, personalized information that turns prospects into clients.

Today we practically live online.  Shouldn't your site offer more to potential clients than impersonal information and pretty pictures?  Step into the future with I-Square web personalization technology.

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One website for you, multiple unique web experiences for prospects.

While I-Square is one website for you, it can morph into any number of uniquely personal experiences for prospects.  Each prospect enjoys ongoing web content that is specific to their exact needs.  The myriad of advantages is staggering.

An I-Square site can do anything an ordinary site can do.  Our sites however, have an additional layer of capability that changes everything.  While I-Square is one website for you, it can morph into multiple, uniquely personal, communicating sites for each of your prospects.  This affords you the fantastic ability to use ongoing web content to speak specifically to each client's exact needs and circumstance!  Prospects quickly realize your website is all about their specific real estate needs - and no one else.  You gain the priceless ability to stand out from the din of competitors.

Routinely turn prospects into clients.
I-Square can provide a web experience that precisely communicates to the unique circumstance of any potential client.  The client-winning impact made by this level of focus, cannot be overstated.  Utilize this marked advantage to grow your business at an accelerated pace.

Wean your business off the lead purchasing money pit.
Dependency on outside lead sources is an enormous financial drag on the long-term success of your business.

I-Square ushers in a whole new realm of smart marketing capabilities that simply cannot be achieved with an ordinary site.  Utilize new I-Square concepts to develop your own exclusive lead sources.

Prospects enjoy ongoing private texting capability.
You and your prospects can engage in ongoing texting conversations via the website itself.  These relationship building conversations can span weeks or months.  Amazingly, each prospect only sees their conversation.

Powerful vanity url capability.
I-Square makes it possible to embed the name of any prospect right into the url address they use to pull up your website.  It's a smart personal touch that makes it far more likely that the prospect will remember your website address and return there.  After all, whose name is a prospect most likely to remember - your name, or their own name?

I-Square is ridiculously easy to utilize.
You would expect such extraordinary capability to be prohibitively difficult to manage.   Actually, managing I-Square is ridiculously simple and fast.  You can literally create a uniquely personalized web experience and make it available to a prospect online, in less than a minute.   Yes, you read that right, less than a minute!  And there is virtually no learning curve to be concerned with.  No technical knowledge needed - guaranteed.*

I-Square makes it possible to be a unique and personal agent in an impersonal, internet world.  The possibilities are endless.  What would be utterly impossible to do with an ordinary website, is now breathtakingly simple to do with I-Square.

See an actual I-Square site! (One site.  I-Square can morph into any number of sites, all online simultaneously.)

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THE SCENARIO: You meet a family at an open house event. You discover:
• They will be dealing with a vacant home.
• They are new to the area.
• They want a home in South Reno.
• They are avid tennis players.
Rather than just handing out a business card, and suggesting they visit your generic site, request an email address and let them know you will send them a link to a website that is specialized for their unique needs and lifestyle!

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THE SCENARIO: You meet a family that desires to buy a home in the exclusive Lakeridge Golfing Community.

Rather than just offering a business card, and suggesting they visit your generic site (the same thing they got from every other agent), request an email address and send them to a website that shows you are the expert in that community!

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THE SCENARIO: You approach a "for sale by owner" prospect.
Most "for sale by owners" end up working with an agent.  So rather than just handing out a business card that will almost certainly end up in the "round file", distinguish yourself from other real estate agents by providing a website that exactly targets the circumstance with helpful, on-point information, while touting your real estate expertise at the same time!

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With most landing pages, the big idea is for your page to be more "eye-catching" than the competition.  With I-Square, the content and capabilities of our landing pages conveys to the consumer that you are better.

"Real estate is a relationship business.  It's not about how many calls you made today,  it's about did you connect with anyone?"

Darin Persinger,
Top real estate producer, renowned real estate motivational speaker and coach.

Seriously grow your business with the new I-Square.

*Source: National Association of Realtors. 2013 survey.
*30 day money back guarantee.