I-Square "How it's done" Videos

Watch our heroine, Lucy Hi-Tech, smartly utilize I-Square to gain new clients!


Lucy wins yet another client at an open house event.
Video (2 minutes).
Lucy wins over for-sale-by-owner prospect.
Video (2 minutes).
Lucy's neighborhood newsletter goes viral.
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Lucy's Facebook page gets way more "likes".
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Lucy's newletter for local apartment residents catches fire.
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*A Video Explanation of I-Square

I-Square marketing concepts.
(More powerful marketing concepts made possible by I-Square that cost next to nothing to implement.  Originated by I-Square users.)

Use QR codes on your listing signs and flyers that link to a specific I-Square.
The limited information and grainy photos of listing flyers almost guarantee they will end up being discarded as trash.  If you are using a "take one" box, it doesn't take long for outdoor elements make your flyers look disgusting.  Bring your yard sign and listing flyer concepts into the 21st century.
Create an I-Square with detailed content and imagery that is specific to a listing.  Then purchase a website domain name for the listing. (Domain names are about $4.00 a year.) Forward the domain to the I-Square you created for the listing.  Create a QR code and place it on the yard sign and listing flyers. (You can create QR codes online for free.)  Prospects who are interested in the home can scan the QR code with their phone and instantly pull up the detailed information and imagery you would like them to see.  Prospects no longer need to grab a listing flyer.  They can simply scan the QR code on the yard sign.
Use I-Square as a touch screen interface for consumers at open house events.
The I-Square format is ideal for the creation of touch screen data centers.  The data center can contain all matter of useful information concerning the builder, appliances, special appointments, etc.   Not only is a touch screen interface useful and convenient for consumers, it also helps create a modern, hi-tech aura to any showing.
Create unique newsletter I-Squares.
The next time you send mailers, or "flyer a neighborhood", add a link to a unique I-Square.  We're not speaking of a link to a drab Real Estate newsletter that no one ever reads.  Make an I-Square that features subject matter that may be of interest to anyone - whether or not they are currently in the real estate market.  You want to choose topics that encourage repeat visits and sharing.  Such as:  Great local recipes · Contact information for vicinity restaurants that allow take out or delivery (Great for apartment complexes.) · Local heroes · Upcoming local events · Sports and fundraisers · Etc.  The long-term marketing and circulation potential is well worth the initial time spent creating such I-Squares.
Use your I-Square to refer other businesses.
Create inner squares that recommend a mortgage company, landscaping company, or even a coffee shop.   Let these companies know what you are doing (Send them the I-Square link, so they can see it for themselves).  Ask if they would be willing to somehow promote you as well. (Perhaps they will allow you to leave a flyer, or business card stand.)  In short, use I-Square to develop relationships with other business owners.  Eventually, you want to create a community of business owners that have loyalties to you.


Using I-Square to develop new contacts from scratch.
I-Square detailed rationale and business growth strategy.